Our classes

A Class for Every Day of the Week

At Move Pilates, we design our classes to suit every body !  We start with the fundamentals and add levels and layers to allow you to achieve the outcome you desire.  Every day, because your body feels different, we curate our classes to enable you to work to your strength.  With flexibility in each class, every level is welcome to every class.  We love sharing Pilates with the men in our life too – so bring them along !


A crowd favourite !  The Reformer was the original piece of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates to help patients strengthen their muscles.  Fast forward over 100 years, and we are still using this magical piece of equipment to strengthen our bodies.  Once you try Reformer exercises, you will be hooked.  With only 8 clients per class, our instructors will guide you through a full body workout, providing modifications where necessary, to ensure you have the workout your body requires on the day.


While Mat Pilates does not attract the same attention as the Reformer, those in the know will tell you that it can be just as demanding a workout  The beauty of mat is that it requires no equipment, however core engagement is essential as it supports the movement of your arms and legs and holds your body up without any assistance.  Small props may be added to increase the challenge or support.  Not one to be overlooked….


Looking to find your inner ballerina?  Then look no further than our signature Barre classes, where you can plie, pointe and arabesque until you shake and you find muscles you never knew existed !  Barre is a fusion of Pilates and Ballet done at the ballet barre, where you will lengthen and strengthen and create flexibility in your muscles.  Done with the addition of fun props such as balls, bands or weights, this class will be a must on your rotation !

Mums & Bubs

Ready to gently ease back into exercise with Bub at your side?  Our Mums & bubs class allows you the flexibility to work your body – at your pace and to your strength – with bub happily watching on (and when not happy – that is what us instructors are for !).  This class is for all new Mums with the age of bubs ranging from 6 weeks to walking.  Rediscover the core that you thought was gone forever, with exercises focused around strengthening you abdominal muscles, posture and opening up your upper body.  Reawaken your love of exercise and feeling strong.

Studio Equipment

Move Studio has a maximum of 3 clients per class. These classes are a small group style class with a personalised approach. Each client is working on their own individualised program based on their goals, injuries, or personal focus. Throughout this class you will use a combination of Pilates equipment from the  Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair and step barrel. Move Studio is perfect for all clients especially those recovering injury, new to Pilates, pre and post natal and those requiring more one on one attention.